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Licensed Electrical Service in Williamson, WV, and Surrounding Areas

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Precise & Professional Electrical Services in West Virginia and Kentucky

Precision Heating, Cooling & Electrical is licensed in West Virginia and Kentucky to provide master electrician and electrical services in Williamson, WV, and surrounding areas. We do every type of residential and commercial electrical work. We can service backup generators, wire new constructions, update electrical systems, set new electric service for mobile homes, and more. Count on us for high-voltage commercial jobs, too, including the mining industry. We are fully insured, licensed, trained, and more than capable of handling any electrical work you may need. Precision offers 24/7 emergency service. Call us at (304) 235-2000 or (606) 766-2100 for prompt response or contact us online anytime to schedule your electrical service.

Free Estimates for Residential and Commercial Electrical Work in Both WV and KY

Trust Precision for Updating and Rewiring Electrical Systems

As electrical systems age, they may need updated or rewired to accommodate new appliances. The electricians of Precision Heating, Cooling & Electrical offer a wide range of electrical services, including those necessary system upgrades around Williamson, WV, and the surrounding areas of WV and KY. Whether you are remodeling your home and need the system rewired, or need to pass inspection on an older building, let our team help. Reach out today to schedule service or call any time for emergencies.

Contact Us for Electrical Work for Homes & Businesses

We believe in an honest and dependable reputation our customers can rely on, no matter how small or large a job is. We can install generators that provide critical power to HVAC systems for residential and commercial locations in the event of a power outage. Our customers trust us because of our work ethic, knowledge, professionalism, and proven results. When you need any type of residential or commercial electrical work, call us. We have the manpower, equipment, experience, and knowledge to complete any job to your exact specifications.

Choose Precision Heating, Cooling & Electrical for electrical services in Williamson, WV, and surrounding areas.